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  • Want to find your purpose in life?

  • Need to get motivated to take action?

  • Want to be happier?

Then you are in the right place.

If you, like so many other people feel you no longer have enough motivation in your life, in your business, read on….

 Simon Drury and Berry Winter

We are Simon Drury and Berry Winter and we have a mission to help you to:
  • find your purpose
  • take action
  • be happy

Why Get Motivated 24/7?

We’ll tell you why. Because being motivated feels good and it enables you to get things done! It’s quite simple. When you don’t have a sense of being motivated, how do you feel? Unfulfilled? Life has less meaning? Don’t want to get up in the morning?

The good news is you are a perfectly normal human being! We all experience a lack of motivation from time to time. So, if we have strategies to get ourselves motivated, we start to feel more positive and more in control.

Let’s just qualify something....

… when we talk about motivation, we are talking about having the inner drive, the compulsion to get up and do something. This could mean taking control, achieving your goals, taking action now!

How do I Get Motivated?

1.    Understand why you lack motivation  (and recognise that it can happen at any time)

2.    Identify and evaluate the strategies you currently use to motivate yourself

3.    Develop some new, more effective ways to motivate others whenever you choose!

This is where we come in. We, that is Simon Drury and Berry Winter, specialise in helping people Get Motivated and Stay Motivated. In order to help you get your hands on this precious knowledge we run webinars and provide on-line mentoring packages.

See what others have to say...

Most of all it Works!

'I found the Get Motivated Stay Motivated webinar an excellent module for Managers and Trainers. I also thought it was a fantastic refresher that could be used when needed. I would definitely recommend using all the techniques. It was fun, informative and most of all it works'

 Pam Citrone

Tesco Freetime 

I procrastinate less

 'We all have things that we know need to be done, but find it hard to motivate ourselves to get them done!  Simon and Berry really helped me understand why this is, and how to get past it.  In understanding my motivations, I have found myself procrastinate less, and quite simply get things done a lot quicker!  Thanks for a great webinar and I look forward to future ones.'

 Lucy Cooney

Promoter of People and Businesses

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Get Motivated, Stay Motivated

"Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower
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